Classic FM Hall of Fame 2017

Hall of fame

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend, Classic FM presented their annual ‘Hall of Fame’.  This is described as the largest poll of the world’s favourite classical music as voted for by listeners through a public vote.  The thing is, it’s all very predictable and as such really rather dull. This year, once again Vaughan Williams topped the chart with his […]

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Parking in Leicester

Leicester cathedral organ

Last weekend I was in the Midlands. My primary objective whilst there was to play the organ for a weekend of services at the Cathedral, which were being sung by Quorum, a fantastic chamber choir from Milton Keynes.  In addition I had agreed with their Musical Director, Chris Williams, that I would record the choir during […]

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On Friday 13 November 1868, the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini died from pneumonia at his country house in Passy.  Possibly an unremarkable event if, like me, you are fairly indifferent to Italian opera.  But it is one which sparked great excitement to those who are superstitious about Friday 13th. One suggested origin of this superstition […]

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The best thing in life is… A Poached egg!

Given the chance, I like to go out for a nice breakfast.  Fortunately, around Corsham, there are lots of good quality farm shops which will serve a full English breakfast in quite pleasant surroundings.  Whilst I am without doubt a carnivore, one of the most important components of a good breakfast is a poached egg. I […]

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Have a lie in, or join a Choir?

Recording Choir CD

A quick Google search suggests the amount of sleep required by most adults is somewhere between 6 and 8 hours in every 24.  Most of the time I probably achieve somewhere close to this, although no matter how much sleep I have, I am not a ‘morning person’. Running choirs fits in very well with this, as […]

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A weekend in the Hope Valley

tideswell mvc

Last weekend I was up in the Hope Valley to record the Tideswell Male Voice choir.  Ironically a few months earlier my sound engineer and business partner, Robert Durrant, had been to the exact same location for the purpose of a charity walk.  After about half an hour he then had to be rescued by […]

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What constitutes a “Budget Recording”?

AKG Microphone

As a Sound Engineer / Music Producer I spend a lot of time out on location recording choirs of almost every type imaginable from 4 Part Barbershop groups to Choral Societies with over 100 members and a full orchestral accompaniment.   That said, a very high proportion of recordings are based on a choir of […]

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Sound, pictures and a bit of acting

Robert Durrant

For most of this week I have been recording location sound for a film / drama shoot in Bath along with Robert Durrant.   I can’t say too much about the film at this stage suffice to say it is being shot on location around Bath and features a number of professional actors and actresses. […]

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