On Friday 13 November 1868, the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini died from pneumonia at his country house in Passy.  Possibly an unremarkable event if, like me, you are fairly indifferent to Italian opera.  But it is one which sparked great excitement to those who are superstitious about Friday 13th. One suggested origin of this superstition […]

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Who has time for a Holiday?

Every year, around early spring, I find myself looking forward to the long hot days of Summer, particularly June, July and August. I have this vision of sitting outside a stylish restaurant, enjoying a leisurely lunch in the sunshine with a glass of Pimms.  However, as we head into the last week of August, I […]

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It’s all in the detail

GWH Trust Choir, Wiltshire

Every week, despite not being religiously minded, I find myself attending church.  Of course, as I’m sure most of you know, this is because I am currently organist at St Thomas a Becket Church in Bath rather than because of any deep desire to pray to a higher power.  St Thomas’ is a delightful little […]

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