On Friday 13 November 1868, the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini died from pneumonia at his country house in Passy.  Possibly an unremarkable event if, like me, you are fairly indifferent to Italian opera.  But it is one which sparked great excitement to those who are superstitious about Friday 13th. One suggested origin of this superstition […]

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Be Prepared to sing your best

Scout Logo

Many years ago when I was about a foot shorter than I am currently, I joined something called the Cubs, which I think is still part of the Scouts.  I’m not entirely sure how this came about – presumably my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to do something physical outdoors, rather than […]

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How do you promote your choir?

Choir on Twitter

Over the last few weeks I have found myself using Twitter far more than I ever used to.  Apparently, according to the stats available, I have ‘twitted’ over 4000 times in the past few years. I dread to think what most of these have been about – probably nothing particularly exciting.  So with that in […]

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If Chocolate is bad for you, what about Singing?

Easter Egg

Forget the traditional message of Easter.  For many, this weekend is all about chocolate.  Everywhere you look there are chocolate eggs calling out to be eaten and chocolate bunnies just waiting for someone to bite their head off.  Ok maybe that’s just my childish instinct?   A number of my choristers told me they had given up […]

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Have a lie in, or join a Choir?

Recording Choir CD

A quick Google search suggests the amount of sleep required by most adults is somewhere between 6 and 8 hours in every 24.  Most of the time I probably achieve somewhere close to this, although no matter how much sleep I have, I am not a ‘morning person’. Running choirs fits in very well with this, as […]

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Of choirs and places where they drink

The composer Alexander Borodin once said, “Music is a pastime, a relaxation from more serious occupations“.   For him, this was probably true.  Whilst he is mostly remembered as a composer, Borodin also had a long career as a Chemist and was particularly noted for his work on ‘aldehydes’ (I’m not even going to attempt to define […]

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