How much is that Cake?

Cake for Choirmaster

Earlier this week, British pianist David Shenton was invited to accompany Sevi Regis at the Presidential inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump.   Naturally he enquired about the fee and was told there is no fee due to the prestige of the event.  Apparently there was also no option to claim expenses for this gig.  Not surprisingly […]

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A nice cup of tea and a sit down

peterborough cathedral

For the past two weeks, my televisual display has been showing footage of athletes from all over the world running around, jumping over things, getting wet or hitting balls at each other.    Whilst I may jest, of course I do have the highest admiration for all the athletes who took part in the Olympics.  Nevertheless, looking […]

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Going on tour – just how hard can it be?


Yesterday, whilst in my capacity as a Church Organist, 2 unique and interesting things occurred.  Firstly, I actually listened to a bit of a sermon and secondly by reading my book throughout the sermon I proved that, contrary to popular opinion, men can in fact multi-task.  The opening lines of the sermon caught my attention. […]

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One size fits all?

Last night I stood on a box.  Two boxes in fact; one balanced precariously on top of the other.  Apparently this was distracting for some of the choir members stood in front of me.   But it did at least have the positive effect that most were watching – even if their primary interest was […]

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Which Choir should you join?

Eu Debate

I don’t know much about politics. I know even less about the economy and I’m not entirely sure I understand that much about the European Union or indeed what it does for Britain.  I also don’t do a lot of business outside of the UK – although I did run a choir workshop in Berlin […]

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Choirmaster Wit

A few months ago, I decided that my choirs should have more of a presence on Twitter. This was partly brought about by something called ‘Choral Hour’ which occurs every Friday evening at 9pm and involves lots of choirs getting together on Twitter for a bit of a chat!   Now I realise the sceptics […]

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What constitutes a job?

In many ways, it’s been a curious couple of weeks. Last Sunday at church, the vicar, during his sermon, pulled out a gun, gave it to a small child and she proceeded to shoot her sister!   I hasten to add, it was a toy gun most likely designed for ages 3 upwards and entirely harmless in […]

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5 years of tea and cake…

Ladies Choir

One February morning in 2010 I got up a bit earlier than usual and went out to a local 4 star hotel in Bath for some breakfast.  This seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do and I’m always partial to a full English Breakfast.   Even better than that, the tax man contributed towards the cost […]

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Dear Dragons….

Some of you may have seen, or be familiar with, the television show ‘Dragon’s Den’.  For anyone who hasn’t, the basic premise is that budding entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multi-millionaires willing to invest their own cash.  Being television, the ideas are often ridiculous and the ‘Dragons’ can be quite […]

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What makes a good Choir Leader?

When I bought my current house in 2008, it came with the option of being carpeted throughout for a modest cost. At the time this seemed a good idea. I was aware the supplied carpet was likely to be made out of sandpaper and probably no more effective as a floor covering than a dust sheet. […]

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