Running a Choir – Just how hard can it be?

CMVC Cirencester

Last weekend I was in Berlin to run a choir workshop for a Global Law firm.  The recipe for this event sounded fairly straightforward.  Take 60 legal types, feed well before placing in a conference room with an unlimited supply of achoholic beverages.  Then, once settled, dim the lights pull back a screen and reveal a […]

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Which Choir should you join?

Eu Debate

I don’t know much about politics. I know even less about the economy and I’m not entirely sure I understand that much about the European Union or indeed what it does for Britain.  I also don’t do a lot of business outside of the UK – although I did run a choir workshop in Berlin […]

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Choirmaster Wit

A few months ago, I decided that my choirs should have more of a presence on Twitter. This was partly brought about by something called ‘Choral Hour’ which occurs every Friday evening at 9pm and involves lots of choirs getting together on Twitter for a bit of a chat!   Now I realise the sceptics […]

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How important are rules anyway?

Briefly last week, there was a big fiery orb in the sky, ice cream sellers were out in force and the high street retailers suddenly looked foolish for having shops full of winter coats and umbrellas.   Today, however, there is a different view out of my studio window, certainly down here in Wiltshire.  The road […]

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Why do you do it?

Jules Addison - Choirmaster Conducting the GWH Choir

I’m not a great fan of parties or social gatherings. The idea of standing around in a room full of people I’ve never met, eating food I don’t want and drinking wine which isn’t even fit to line the drains, fills me with dread.  But from time to time even I get invited out, so […]

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Seven Minutes Past 4

So far in the last week, a 15 year old boy has discovered a new planet and Chris Evans has taken over the reigns at Top Gear.  Apparently the latter was all agreed by text which Chris received at 16.07 yesterday.  This made me consider just what I had been up to recently and I’m ashamed […]

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What to look for when joining a choir?

Cirencester Male Voice Choir

Last week I received an email.  Contrary to expectation, it wasn’t in fact offering me a chance to receive many millions of dollars from some orphans late Father who had recently kicked the bucket. Nor was it someone offering to pay me millions for mis-sold PPI or someone else pretending to be HMRC and inviting […]

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