Creating better Harmony

Peppa Pig

Like most 2 year olds, my daughter is a little bit fanatical about Peppa Pig.  I say a bit, that’s probably a slight understatement. Looking around me it seems that every room in the house has at least one item in it which bears a picture of Peppa Pig. However, to be fair, there is at least […]

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Keeping it all together

Choir Conductor

I often ask my choirs how many voices there are in the choir.  It’s not really meant to be a trick question – the answer is of course One. It doesn’t matter how many choir members or how many parts they are split into. Ultimately a choir should be lots of voices blending and singing […]

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How to learn a new song

The lifeblood of any choir is the music which it sings.  For me there is a balance between keeping a good number of songs in your repertoire versus introducing new ones.  Most of my choirs love the excitement of new music and the challenges which this brings.  But equally, they also love singing through the songs […]

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The difference between hearing and listening

location sound

I would recommend anyone interested in location recordings to listen to this interview [] with Chris Watson on Danish Snyk Radio. Chris Watson, who recently opened his new sound installation in the Millenium Gallery in Sheffield, can justifiably be called one of the world’s foremost sound recordists. He has worked with field recordings of the […]

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