Join a Choir – There will be Singing & Cake!


A few days ago I went to a meeting. Technically it could have been described as a choir committee meeting.  However, fear not – I haven’t been abducted by aliens.  As you would expect the meeting involved me and two lovely ladies having coffee together.  I did try to order cake but that seemed to be beyond the […]

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Naked Choirs & Talent Shows

In the past week I have performed on stage alongside Wynne Evans, been introduced by Moira Stuart and interviewed by Alex Lester on the radio. The only thing I failed to do was to get a choir on Gareth Malone’s new show ‘Naked Choir’. Although to be fair the BlueBelles did get through to the final […]

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It’s all in the detail

GWH Trust Choir, Wiltshire

Every week, despite not being religiously minded, I find myself attending church.  Of course, as I’m sure most of you know, this is because I am currently organist at St Thomas a Becket Church in Bath rather than because of any deep desire to pray to a higher power.  St Thomas’ is a delightful little […]

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Of choirs and places where they drink

The composer Alexander Borodin once said, “Music is a pastime, a relaxation from more serious occupations“.   For him, this was probably true.  Whilst he is mostly remembered as a composer, Borodin also had a long career as a Chemist and was particularly noted for his work on ‘aldehydes’ (I’m not even going to attempt to define […]

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Meet my latest choir – The BlueBelles

The BlueBelles

A few weeks ago I decided to rebrand one of my choirs, specifically my Ladies Barbershop Choir.  They were previously known as The Bellettes, but for many reasons the name wasn’t quite right. I also wanted to take this choir in a new direction and so it was decided that we should find a new […]

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