Running a Choir – Just how hard can it be?

CMVC Cirencester

Last weekend I was in Berlin to run a choir workshop for a Global Law firm.  The recipe for this event sounded fairly straightforward.  Take 60 legal types, feed well before placing in a conference room with an unlimited supply of achoholic beverages.  Then, once settled, dim the lights pull back a screen and reveal a […]

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When the Conductor becomes the Accompanist…

To say that I am the Musical Director of the Pewsey Belles Ladies choir sounds terribly grand and perhaps rather pretentious.  The reality of this is somewhat different. Most choirs are fortunate enough to have a musical director or conductor, who essentially is in charge and directs the music – as the title would suggest. […]

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Recording Backing Tracks

A couple of weeks ago I was approached on twitter by a girl asking if I knew of any pianists who could help a choir in Devizes.  After I had got over the shock of someone actually finding me on twitter and wanting something useful (see previous post) I immediately offered my services even though […]

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