Choirs which run themselves


In the autumn of 2013, a new shiny organ was unveiled at Llandaff Cathedral.  Built by organ builders Nicholson & Co of Malvern, the new instrument had taken 6 years to be completed at a cost of £1.5 million.    Three months later, the entire adult choir was made redundant as the Cathedral had run out […]

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Musings from the organ bench – York Minster


At the beginning of June I was playing the organ at York Minster for a weekend of Services.  3 days later, during a live broadcast on Radio 3, the organ suddenly stopped working and evensong was dramatically halted half way through the anthem.  There followed a rather long period of radio silence, until an announcer […]

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9 Lessons, a few carols and a shed in Truro

Truro Cathedral

“With regard to religion, finally, it may be briefly said that she believed in God in much the same way as she believed in Australia. For she had no doubts whatever as to the existence of either; she went to church on Sunday in much the same spirit as she would look at a kangaroo […]

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Where do we go from here?

UK Flag

Back in June i found myself drinking latte in a supermarket cafe just on the outskirts of Swindon.  Worse than that, I managed to get involved in something known as a ‘meeting’.  Apparently this occurs when a group of people get together to spend many hours discussing something at length, rather than just doing what […]

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Classic FM Hall of Fame 2017

Hall of fame

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend, Classic FM presented their annual ‘Hall of Fame’.  This is described as the largest poll of the world’s favourite classical music as voted for by listeners through a public vote.  The thing is, it’s all very predictable and as such really rather dull. This year, once again Vaughan Williams topped the chart with his […]

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How much is that Cake?

Cake for Choirmaster

Earlier this week, British pianist David Shenton was invited to accompany Sevi Regis at the Presidential inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump.   Naturally he enquired about the fee and was told there is no fee due to the prestige of the event.  Apparently there was also no option to claim expenses for this gig.  Not surprisingly […]

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New Beginnings

In 1985 the German artist Joseph Beuys took 31 rough, bulky basalt rocks and threw them across the floor in a seemingly random manner. The stones are all a muted beige colour, mottled with patches of grey. Each rock measures between one and two and a half metres in length and has a cone-shaped hole drilled into the […]

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Who has time for a Holiday?

Every year, around early spring, I find myself looking forward to the long hot days of Summer, particularly June, July and August. I have this vision of sitting outside a stylish restaurant, enjoying a leisurely lunch in the sunshine with a glass of Pimms.  However, as we head into the last week of August, I […]

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